About Us


Derrick & Bryan (D&B) is one of the leading provider for environmental, health & safety management as well as technical consultancy services. We aim to deliver practical, flexible and reliable solutions to scale and optimize your  business operations.  


D&B is committed to maintain the highest standard of professional services by operating through a quality system based on ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OSHAS 18001. Our team has been embedded with the mindset of Quest for First Time Right whenever they deal and perform each projects.

Our Services


There are four sub-services offered, do not miss the details.

Manpower Supply

We have the following expertise and constantly supply to our clients:-

  • HSE Specialist
  • Electrical Specialist
  • Instrument Specialist
  • Corrosion Engineer
  • Material Selection Engineer
  • Pipeline Engineer


Training & Support

Offers comprehensive training services, facilitate in-house skill development and share best practices across the industries.

Sales & Trading

Our value supply chain provides industry-grade engineering equipment and parts that are used throughout different industries with reasonable commercial values to meet our customers expectation.

  • Heat Exchange
  • Noise Monitoring Devices
  • Vibration Control Unit
  • Environment Control Unit