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Strategically located in Malaysia, we provide services to our clients locally and regionally.  It is our goal to spread our marks internationally as part of our company's vision.  Our wide range of services with its short brief are here.
Technical Safety and Risk Management can be improved over all periods of an undertaking, from idea choice through to activities. D&B covers specific areas within the industry,  that help safe execution of an amenities over its whole lifecycle. 


Process Simulation  is used for the design, development, analysis, and optimization of technical processes such as chemical plants, power station, environmental systems and others. Chances are good that D&B has experience in executing predictive simulation projects for a process.
D&B  extended its offerings to Marine Sector. If you are interested in specific areas which is not listed here, speak to us.
By definition, Asset Integrity Management System is a standard of operating aiming to protect equipment, health, safety and environment. We provide specialists and engineering supports to addreess most areas of assets integrity, including design, process safety, inspection and maintenance, corrosion and risk analysis.

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